Our School Magazine

What a school magazine is : A School magazine is a collection of creative writings of students and teachers of a school in printed form. It may also contain data of the school and relevant photographs. School magazines are generally published annually, but there may be exceptions too.

How it is managed and published : A magazine committee or an editorial board is formed to collect writings and make selection. An editor is nominated to supervise all the tasks right from the beginning to the end. He has to classify the writings as poetry, articles, drama etc and divide tasks among the editorial board members. Then he has to collect greetings from well-wishers of the school. He has to compose an editorial. After getting the selected writings he has to contact a printing house. The printing house makes a draft of the manuscript on computer and hands it over to him for proof-reading. After the proof-reading is done, the magazine is arranged nicely. An attractive front cover is made. Then it is sent for offset printing. Thus it is published.

Name of our school magazine :                         Our school magazine is named “Gyan Sagar”. The first issue came out last year. The second issue has been published recently.

Contents :         This issue of school magazine has various sections such as “Articles”, “Poetry”, “Drama”, “Stories”, “Interviews” etc. The “Articles” section has 14 articles, “Poetry” section has 19, “Drama” section has 2, “Stories” section has 7, and “Interviews” section has 2. Besides these, there are a lot of photographs of school activities such as Annual Sports and Cultural Week, Teachers’ Day Celebration, Freshers’ Social, Farewell Meeting etc. Jokes and quotes are also inserted here and there. It is quite a fabulous magazine to read.

Conclusion :    A school magazine is a must in every school. It brings out the creative talent of the students and encourage them for learning.


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