Duties I perform as a Student

As a student, my first and foremost duty is to study hard and take part in the activities of the school. I must have to gain knowledge so that I may be a responsible and successful citizen of my country. I take part in the co-curricular activities of my school for my all-round development.

My second duty is to respect my teachers and the elders. They are the mentors who will guide me whenever I need. Without proper guidance it is impossible to attain a definite goal.

My third duty is to be disciplined and punctual. I follow a disciplined life. I have prepared a daily routine which I follow strictly. I perform my tasks in time. I never postpone my tasks at hand.

My fourth duty is to take part in recreational activities and sports. I play cricket with my friends after school and on holidays. This keeps me healthy and energetic and helps in my studies. Besides sports, I have a hobby of gardening. It gives me immense pleasure.

My fifth duty is to maintain cleanliness. It is said that cleanliness is godliness. I wash my clothes on weekends and holidays. I keep my room and my school clean and orderly. I throw waste papers in garbage bins.

My sixth duty is to obey the rules of my school and my country. I follow the orders of my teachers. Likewise, I never go against the rules of my country. I have great respect for my school and my country.

My seventh duty is to help and love the younger children. I help my younger brothers in their studies. I share everything with them and play together.

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